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by nousheenkhan

About Me

And that's me...


When I started reading history many years ago, I realised that what we learnt in school was so inadequate to understand the contemporary world and the past in a holistic way. And then I stumbled upon the fascinating history of the Silk Route, the fabulous cities that defined it, the traders that came there from distant lands and the unique culture that arose out of this intermingling. Over the years, I have gathered many interesting facts and stories that you may enjoy reading. Something about me – I am a corporate worker during the week and write on weekends. I love reading all kinds of books. Passionate about history, my dream is to write a historical fiction book some day. Born and brought up in Delhi, India and now live in Hyderabad – two cities with a rich, historical past. My 8 year old son keeps me super-busy and is the joy of my life. My husband is truly the wind beneath my wings and my parents who taught me to always keep learning and exploring, are my biggest cheer-leaders.

Cheers !